Our clients simply wanted an ‘opulent’ bathroom to kick back and relax in.


The current layout of the bathroom didn’t work as the room was very long and narrow and everything was all down one wall so it made it feel like a corridor. Plus we had to navigate the sloping floor, which meant two very different head heights at each end of the room.

So we re-positioned the toilet to the opposite side for the room and moved the bath to the back wall, however with this room being so narrow we could only use a traditional ‘tub’ style bath and so the style of the room started to become clear.



With the bespoke copper bath at the heart of this room we then started to add the other fixtures to build on this elegant bathroom. Gold taps and shower railĀ  to add the opulence and the terrazzo tiles added the drama through the dark moody colour and the pop of gold for the glamour. For the vanity area it had to be a double sink to add to the overall feel of grandeur with more gold taps, mirrors and wall light.