Our clients, having lived in small accommodation before, really wanted to create a master suite with a large bathroom without losing the traditional feel of the room.


We knocked through from the master bedroom into the adjoining room to give the client the large bathroom they desired. By blocking up the original doorway allowed for a large walk-in shower. When we removed the old gas fire we found the original Victorian fireplace behind it, by adding new tiles to the surround and painting the mantel piece it really brought it back to life. We also commissioned bespoke radiators to fit under the bay window to ensure the room was cosy on those winter evenings.


We positioned the free standing bath at an angle so they could enjoy the view of the trees through the window. On either side of the fireplace we added an ornate full-length mirror and a free standing unit for storage. The walls were painted a dark grey with white porcelain floor tiles, to add contrast the large walk in shower was tiled in a golden-brown tile with a large shower head and enclosed with glass panels.

We kept the original wardrobes and simply changed the internal mechanisms to maximise hanging space for modern life and reinstated the marble fireplace. We fitted white shutter blinds half up the windows for daytime privacy with luxurious gold blackout curtains to frame the beautiful original sash windows and with the gorgeous Romo wallpaper behind the bed the look was complete.