Our clients wanted us to focus mainly on the existing first floor configuration to allow for the separate toilet to move into the bathroom. The adjoining study was to have a library feel with bespoke storage and for it to be dedicated to our clients late father whose inheritance was funding the project. So we understood we had to make this budget work hard for our clients as it had so much emotional attachment for them. They also wanted us to turn the entrance hall into something to be proud of instead of a dumping ground for all the boys sports equipment and some bespoke storage for one of the bedrooms.


To give our clients the space they required on the first floor we removed two walls and created a new hallway to access the renovated bathroom and study. The window that was once in the toilet was now a feature of this new hallway so we commissioned a piece of stain glass to match the original in the entrance hall. We redesigned the whole layout of the bathroom to allow for the toilet and as this was the main family bathroom blue was always going to be the colour for this family of growing boys. In the study, all be it small, was designed with a matching bespoke desk and ‘L shaped’ bookshelf to house all those work files to keep this space uncluttered. For the entrance hallway we rebuilt a wall where the original would have been, previous owners must have removed it! To ensure the new wall looked like it had always been there we took particular attention to the detailing for the mouldings over the arch, the covingĀ  and the addition of the stain glass panel to make sure the transition from old to new was seamless.




The bespoke furniture in the study was painted in Farrow & Ball Hague Blue and Strong White on the walls, to really give that library feel we choose a sumptuous carpet in a ‘Greek Key’ design, The brass down-lights and handles complimented the rest of the design. In the bathroom our client knew they wanted a blue geometric tile, which we ran up to side of the bath to add a feature to the room and with chrome fixture and fittings we created a timeless bathroom for the whole family to enjoy.

For the entrance hallway we simply had to keep the look original, so we choose classic colours and re stained the original floorboards to really define the space and some bespoke storage in the corner for all those shoes.